YOUR Stories on Stage

Improv Performance for Training, Community and Fun

Portland Playback Theatre joins the art of improvisation with real-life stories spontaneously shared by members of the audience. Using movement, dialogue and music, our actors seek to honor the countless moments and events that shape our lives.

“It was incredible how they understood all the stories and were able to bring laser-like focus to the real-life events being shared. Watching them being “played back” was wonderful… I laughed so hard I cried.” -Pam Avery Witham

Join us for our next show on Friday, August 7th 2015!

Our next First Friday Performance will be August 7th at 7:30pm, with the theme of ”Favorite Memories”.

Our performance starts at 7:30pm at CTN5, 516 Congress Street, Portland, Maine, $8.


Curious about Playback ?  Watch this video to learn more!

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